Kam Yen Jan Chicken and Pork Sweet Sausage 10oz is bursting with flavor by combining two delicious meats with a little sweetness. Our sausage provides hearty, rich flavor to any dish and is made with all real ingredients.  Our secret family recipe and slow cooked, curing process enhances the flavor of our high‐quality meats to ensure only the best is served in your home.

Pork, Mechanically Separated Chicken, Pork Fat, Sugar, Soy Sauce (Water, Wheat,
Soybeans, Salt and Alcohol), Salt, Spices, Monosodium Glutamate, Grain Alcohol,
Sodium Nitrite, Sodium Erythorbate, In Beef Collagen Casings.

Weight: 10oz

Soy, Wheat

Product Reviews


More sweet than the regular Kam Yen Jan sausage. It tastes amazing. It is one of my go-to ingredients for my fried rice recipes. I love this sausage, it is really a game-changer for breakfast.


Sunbownia Dai

I know it says Taiwan sausage (Generally refers to crispy sausage made of starch), but it actually tastes very close to Cantonese sausage. Adding it to the rice and you'll get a traditional claypot rice.



Love to cut it up and add to my noodle soup for a protein.