I love this product. I diced it to use in making steamed sticky rice. The flavor really brought back some childhood memories. My grandmother used to make this for breakfast. I don't know what brand of sausage she used but this tastes spot on to whatever she used.


Nelson Ng

Great tasting, relatively low-calorie Chinese sausage. Easy to cook and goes well with rice or other kind of card.



The sausage arrived on time and in perfect condition. We cut it up and used it in fried rice to add some flavor, it tasted great.



Tastes just like I remember growing up. Slice into nickel-sized pieces and throw them in a cup of boiling rice. Great taste!


Secret Santa

Even if you live near a hard-core Asian market with other brands available, or the other variations of this brand available, this is the best, the classic, and a great price. The classic for use in pancit. I love these that until you open them they don't even have to be refrigerated. Made in the USA.



Great product shipped quickly.



These sausages are great. These taste amazing, they have a sweet savory taste. They go great with fried rice. I will be using these in many different recipes in the future.


L. Strange

These sausages are delicious, easy to cook, and have a slightly sweet cured flavor.


Bass Player Mike

Steam the lop chong and eat PLAIN with an OUTSIDE toasted sesame hoagie, or pretzel bun. The outside of the bun should be crunchy, and the inside soft, and steamy. This makes for the BEST lop chong experience. It's NOT a hot dog. NO ketchup, mustard, etc. PLAIN.



These sausages are the exact brand I used to buy. My current grocery does not carry them so I was excited to see I could order them on Amazon. They were yummy and fresh!



My favorite Chinese sausage :)



I have been watching cooking shows and kept hearing about lap cheong. It thoroughly piqued my curiosity and I had the biggest desire to know what all the hype was about for this product. I came here to Amazon when my search for the product in my own community store came up empty. I am so very glad I found it here on Amazon and gave the product a try. I have already bought the product twice thus far and plan on continuing making a purchase as my supply runs low. I love pairing this sausage with sweet sticky rice. I would suggest giving the product a try if you are on the fence. I don't regret having tried it myself, and have faith that you will enjoy it too.



More sweet than the regular Kam Yen Jan sausage. It tastes amazing. It is one of my go-to ingredients for my fried rice recipes. I love this sausage, it is really a game-changer for breakfast.


Sunbownia Dai

I know it says Taiwan sausage (Generally refers to crispy sausage made of starch), but it actually tastes very close to Cantonese sausage. Adding it to the rice and you'll get a traditional claypot rice.



Love to cut it up and add to my noodle soup for a protein.