In 1924, Kam Yen Jan brand was founded in Vancouver, B.C., using a centuries-old family recipe - the same delicious Chinese style sausage recipe being made today.

After over 50 years of steady growth, the company moved to Seattle, WA in 1978 and began operating out of a large, USDA-inspected facility. Recognizing the growing U.S. demand for chinese cuisine, the Yangtze Chinese Style BBQ Pork product line was added in 1988.


As business continued to build, it outgrew the Seattle facility, and in 2011 the company was moved to a 82,000 square foot facility in Kent, WA. Due to the robust product portfolio and strong business results, Tall Tree Foods recognized the strong growth potential and acquired the business and founded January Foods Corporation in 2016.


Lap Cheong is an air-dried preserved pork sausage with a unique taste, is shelf stable and often has a long shelf life. The appearance is a deep ruby color, wrinkly and about 5-6 inches in length with two links typically joined together. It is a classic Chinese ingredient that is fragrant, delicious, and very versatile. It brings comfort to any dish and can be used in a variety of ways such as steamed with rice, added to fried rice, or used with vegetables to bring out an intense aroma and flavor.


To make the best tasting Lap Cheong, requires the highest quality pork meat with the perfect ratio of lean and fatty meat. Most sausages are sweetened and seasoned to bring out the delicious taste. The pockets of fat will melt during cooking which helps to provide a unique taste. A little bit sweet. A little bit savoury. And a whole lot of flavor.


Kam Yen Jan brand was founded in Vancouver, BC.


Company relocated to Seattle, WA.


Yangtze Chinese Style BBQ was added to product line.


Company moved to a larger plant located in Kent, WA.


Company acquired by Tall Tree Foods.


100th anniversary of Kam Yen Jan



January Foods Corporation produces all Kam Yen Jan products in the United States at their Kent,Washington manufacturing plant.

We remain deeply rooted in our Chinese traditions. Even today, we make our authentic, Kam Yen Jan products using many of our original recipes. Our products are made with the highest quality ingredients and made with care by our team. You can always count on us to deliver products that will make any dish or meal delicious and one that your whole family will enjoy.

Highest Food Safety

Quality Ingredients - Quality Product

Our facility is a SQF Edition 9 Certified and USDA FSIS Inspected facility. We are committed to manufacturing our products to the highest food safety and labeling standards. We are committed to using only the highest quality, premium meat, and ingredients in every product we make. All Kam Yen Jan products are produced in the United States.